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About Us

Allow us to provide you the best career consulting with lasting effect.

We aim to bridge the gap in developing future leaders in corporate America. Together, we create processes that help you build, thrive, and flourish – while precipitating your career to greater heights. Contact us to book your one-on-one appointment!

Today’s Preparation… Tomorrow’s Success

What we do

Our Career Consultants are here to assist you throughout your career journey.

Whether you’re about to start your career, trying to land a dream job, or want a career transition, our career consultants have the right expertise to get the job done. We cater to individuals of all ages, seeking corporate growth – ensuring absolute satisfaction.

Industry Knowledge

Our extensive knowledge helps individuals in each step of their career. We help you find, develop, and put in the right skills needed to get the job.

Network Utilization

We help you develop your career that best matches your interest and skills with endless career opportunities as you grow.

Career Consulting

Helping Individuals in Choosing and Pursing the Right Career

Whether you are studying, preparing for your very first interview, or want to grow in your current career, we have the resources to assist you. Call us for any queries you may have!

Featured Company



Electric Vehicle Technology

I was looking for online interview preparation for post graduate roles in the technology or automotive space as an engineer and came across Career Consulted. I couldn’t be happier. They have an amazing and experienced team with great feedback. I felt each session I learned a lot with the guidance and homework. A few weeks after my preparation, I applied for a position at one of the leading automotive technology firms and got the job! I am extremely happy with my job considering the salary and benefits they’re providing right out of college. This all looks like a dream come true and wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Before I got ahold of Career Consulted I was close to graduating without having a job. I am extremely thankful for your assistance and encouragement that helped me get this job. You guys provide the best and most efficient interview coaching in Texas! Thanks!



Non-Profit Education

Thank you, Career Consulted, for providing me with the best Resume and Cover Letter make overs.  Before I was not receiving the call back I wanted come to find out my documents we’re targeted enough! Who knew?! I feel more motivated and confident toward my application process. I was completely unaware of the present job market and ATS friendly formatting, but you’ve brought everything to my awareness, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I highly appreciate great career assistance like yours that solely focus on an individual’s career goals in the quickest time possible. I look forward to continuing our network in the future. Thank you!


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Why am I not getting any Interview Calls from my Current Resume? What can I do to fix the issue?

Why am I not getting any Interview Calls from my Current Resume? What can I do to fix the issue?

If you are applying for different jobs and sending your resume for various job openings but not getting any interview calls, it means that there are some issues with your current resume. Most of our clients ask the same question from our career consultants, that they are sending their resumes again and again but not […]

Signs that You Need to Change Your Career.

Signs that You Need to Change Your Career.

Think about yourself when you were 17 years old, unsure about your career and what exactly you wanted to do in your life. Thinking about all these years back, you will realize how far you have come and how much you have changed. You will start noticing the experience, self-confidence, and growth you have gained […]

Why is it crucial for the students to get career counseling, and how does it helps them grow?

Why is it crucial for the students to get career counseling, and how does it helps them grow?

In the present world, career counseling or consulting is very important as it helps students in getting professional assistance from experts. Career counseling is beneficial in the way that it helps in understanding the inner abilities of the individual that later helps in developing a remarkable career. The best thing that counselors do is to […]


Frequently Ask Questions.

If you have any queries, please go through our frequently asked questions as you may find your answers there. If you can’t find your query in our FAQs, please get in touch with us. We would love to assist you!

Mock Interview

Being the leading career consulting firm for students and adults we don't guarantee the provision of any job. At Career Consulted Co, we have the right resources that can help you achieve your career goals. Our services are specifically designed to enhance your skills and increase your chances of finding the right job. However, there are various factors involved in finding the desired job, and you need to exceed the job criteria to get one. Let us help!

The timeline for this completely varies from person to person, depending on the results they want to achieve. At Career Consulted Co, we provide the best career consulting services in the USA by way of Austin, TX. We listen to your needs, understand your concerns, and get detailed information about your experiences to paint an appealing picture to recruiters. After analyzing all these factors, we develop a strategy that works best for you to achieve your goals in the fastest possible way throughout your career.

Our career consultants develop a good understanding of your needs, goals, and priorities then recommend the desired coaching program to benefit you. The length of the career consulting sessions can vary but mostly range from 0-4 sessions. Our programs are customizable and can be completely tailored to your needs depending on how accelerated you desire the program to be. We have career consulting available for students and adults looking for employment in multiple industries to help you move forward faster.

Keep in mind that our career consulting is specifically designed to accelerate your growth in the long run. Besides consulting, we have many other services available that can help you achieve your career goals. We are there for you throughout your career journey. Just tell us about your needs and let us handle the rest.

Anyone anywhere can opt for coaching, whether it be CV (resume) edits or our many virtual consulting sessions offered in the Services tab. However, our services resonate perfectly with students looking to jump start, grow their career or interested in improving their skills and reaching greater heights of success. If you are someone who is not sure about your career, stuck at some stage of your career journey, or experiencing a major career transition – career coaching might work best for you. Individuals who get assistance through career coaching are mostly looking for the following things:

  • A dedicated space and time where they can focus on their career goals and work towards achieving them.
  • Expert knowledge of career opportunities to move forward in the right direction.
  • Someone who is non-judgmental, understandable in discussions, holds them accountable for making progress and not bias 

At Career Consultant Co, we have the best consultants available for tailored interview preparation and career pivot services for professional growth. Our coaches are experienced and have the right expertise to keep you on track toward achieving your career goals. Call or schedule online to book an appointment today!

We have a team of experienced career consulting professionals who have corporate experience in multiple backgrounds including HR. We focus on the individuals and their needs to provide them with the best possible career outcomes. No matter what stage of your career, we have the resources to guide you from start to end.

If you are someone going through a major career transition, the one that takes your life in a completely different direction, we're there to assist. Whether you are looking for career mentoring or consulting, we have got you covered. Our open-ended coaching is perfect for everyone who's at the stage of career exploration, looking for a more practical career, or interested in enhancing their skills. Let Career Consulted Co. provide you with the best career services to help you identify the right path toward your bright career. Our services are far more than the sessions working with us, we become a network working to ensure your growth year after year! Reach out today!

In short, absolutely! In today's competitive market to continue yo to grow at your current firm you will need to preform and interview well. Everyone wants a career that is financially rewarding and growing. If you are employed but not growing, you possibly lack the skills and expertise needed for advancement. At Career Consulted Co, we provide the professionals a fair chance to improve their skills to increase their chances for promotion, lessen the risk of burnout, and assist them in making sensible decisions in times of uncertainty.

Career counselors ask different types of questions depending on what your career goals and needs are. Mostly in the first session, you are asked about your qualification, your strengths & interests, and the career you want to opt for. In each of the services we provide there is an at most 15 question short answer document correlating to the service you selected. These questions help our consultants make an understanding of the individual and their personalities. Over time, your career consultant will keep a check on you to ensure you are implementing learnings, documenting winnings and satisfied with your career!


We have been trusted by some of the nations leading firms.