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Here's to a Fruitful and Prosperous Career Journey

We aim to bridge the gap in developing future leaders in corporate America. Together, we create opportunities that help you build, thrive, and flourish – while precipitating your career to greater heights. Contact us to book your one-on-one custom tailored career consulting appointment today!

"To create roadmaps and opportunity for professional development, where professional development is not only wanted but needed to create the career you desire"

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About Us

Career Consulting with Effectiveness.

Whether you’re about to start your career, trying to land a dream job, or want a career transition, our career consultants have the right expertise to get the job done. We cater to individuals of all ages seeking corporate employment – ensuring absolute satisfaction.

Career Discovery
Industry Knowledge

Our extensive knowledge helps clients in each step of their career. We help you find, develop, and put in the right skills needed to get the job.

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We help you develop your career that best matches your interest and skills with endless career opportunities as your grow.

Invest in professional development and drive towards your career goals!

Hello, I’m Kevin Brown II,

I first and foremost want to thank you for choosing to learn more about Career Consulted. Our goal is to simply ‘bridge the gap’ between you and your professional dreams in corporate America. Collectively, with years of experience in the career consulting industry our team has developed strong relationships with previous clients and assisted them in a path leading to their dream career. Our consultants vary from a range of backgrounds including HR, HCM, Recruitment, Employee Relation and all you need to be informed throughout your unique process. Through these years we’ve individually come across a wide range of career concerns. Allow our experience to assist you in sorting yours. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization looking to assist not only those who want professional development but those who also need it.

Career consulting is our primary work and it’s at the core of everything we do. When individuals invest in their professional development they make more informed decisions through their process, they learn skills they can leverage for life, and they are more likely to achieve their goals. According to HBR only 8 percent of individuals achieve their professional goals in the workplace… Allow us to count you in that small figure with big results! For further inquiries please contact us now!

“Procrastination is the fear of success” – Denis Waitley

Kevin Brown II

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