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Think about yourself when you were 17 years old, unsure about your career and what exactly you wanted to do in your life. Thinking about all these years back, you will realize how far you have come and how much you have changed. You will start noticing the experience, self-confidence, and growth you have gained during all these years. In their teenage, individuals are not sure about what they want to do in their life and which field they want to pursue their careers in. However, that is the age of focus and realization of your career goals. A person’s interests, capabilities, and skills developed during teenage help make better career decisions. One should start focusing on their career at this age because the decisions made as a teenager about your career will affect the rest of your life.

When a person is in his teenager, he should focus on choosing the right subjects in school and college so it can help him decide on a good career for himself. There are many subjects and fields, but you should always choose the ones that you are interested in. Don’t choose subjects because anyone else wanted you to choose them. Your career is at stake, so make decisions that are beneficial for your future.

Individuals who choose the wrong subjects face a lot of issues in the future. As they haven’t studied subjects of their interest, so they are never willing to start their career in that specific field. So, it’s better to choose the right path at first.

However, after coming to a certain point in our lives, we feel like the field we are in isn’t right for us or we are not growing. You start to think differently, and the only option you are left with is changing your career path.

One of the most important factors in career fulfillment is originality. To be content and satisfied with your career, to be confident in what you are doing, and to achieve greater heights of success – you need to be original at your workplace. If you are working somewhere, but you are not authentic in what you do, it’s high time to change your career. Sometimes it happens after working in a certain field for a long, and there is no harm in this if you realize it at the right time.

If you can relate to the above-mentioned factor, and the thought of changing your career has crossed your mind, this is a clear sign that you need to change your working field. However, if you are not sure whether that is the right time or not, look out for the following signs that indicate that you need to change your career.

1. You Feel Demotivated and Uninventive

Feeling demotivated, frustrated, and uninventive at your workplace means you are not satisfied and happy with your work. Being unhappy about your career is a great sign that you need to change it and switch to something that you enjoy doing. When your career is of your interest, you automatically feel motivated and creative about it, and nothing else matters. In such cases, you may experience the below-mentioned challenges.

  • Procrastination on daily workload and responsibilities at the workplace.
  • Having low energy all the time and not being able to complete the tasks on time.
  • Facing resistance towards your work, even when the projects are critical and challenging. 


2. You don't enjoy Working and Feel a Sense of Dissatisfaction with your Work

Even if you are a workaholic and passionate about your work life, you will find the work frustrating and boring if you are in the wrong career. Work plays an important role in our lives, so it should be the time you enjoy and feel satisfied doing it. If you’re in a career where you are not happy and satisfied, and you have to spend a lot of time at work – it was ultimately led to an unhappy life. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your work life, you must be experiencing any of these concerns: 

  • Having difficulty in waking yourself up each morning for work.
  • Not having any interest in things happening around you and a careless attitude towards your work responsibilities.
  • Facing issues with task completions and meeting deadlines.
3. Your Interest, Skills, and Knowledge don't align with your Job.

There can be multiple reasons behind you finding yourself in a certain situation. This can be because you have changed with time, and so are your interests. Or maybe the reason behind choosing your career was wrong. No matter what the reason behind this is, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, it’s most likely that you are done with the job and don’t want to continue it further. Your skills, interests, and knowledge are the things that motivate you towards your work, and you must incorporate them into your career for growth. However, if you are unable to align your interests with your work, then you should change your career and opt for the one you are interested in. In such a scenario, you must be facing the following concerns:

  • You feel bad about your work and don’t feel proud of it.
  • You compare yourself with your friends and family and feel jealous of their careers.
  • You start daydreaming and think of doing yourself something of your interest.

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues, then it’s time to take the matter seriously and switch your career according to your interest. It’s never too late to make the right decisions instead of moving in the wrong direction. Most of the time, such decisions make a major difference in your life and make you more satisfied and happy than you have ever imagined.

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