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If you are applying for different jobs and sending your resume for various job openings but not getting any interview calls, it means that there are some issues with your current resume. Most of our clients ask the same question from our career consultants, that they are sending their resumes again and again but not getting any response from the next party even after being qualified for the job.

Generally, there can be multiple reasons why you are not getting any interview calls after dropping your resume for different roles. Some of the reasons can be:

1. Your Resume has a Wrong Format and is Not Suited for ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems are the software that is specifically used in the hiring process to make it quick and easy for the hiring firm. As hundreds of individuals apply for a single opening, the recruiters won’t go through every single resume. With the help of ATS software, candidates can be easily shortlisted, and the hiring process is accelerated. ATS ranks your resume based on how best your qualifications and skills match the job criteria. If your resume is not according to the format of ATS, it will get declined, and the recruiter won’t even see it.. Here are some tips that can help you make your resume compatible with ATS standards.

  • Make your resume in a single-column format. CVs with two-column formats are usually not supported by ATS, and your data may end up being a jumble.
  • Don’t use any images, charts, or graphics in your resume, as ATS doesn’t support such files, and your information may end up being entirely missed.
  • Use a basic and simple design for your review, don’t experiment with colors and fonts. Keep your information minimalized with few headings, basic font, standard size, and bullets to ensure accurate processing of data.

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2. Your Resume has No Target

A resume without any target doesn’t clarify what you do and for which position you are applying. If there is no target mentioned on the resume, the recruiter is unable to identify what the candidate does and what he wants, so such resumes are traditionally ignored.

In today’s job market, the candidate needs to mention the target in the resume to make everything clear. However, many people send generalized resumes for the targeted jobs that highlight their skills, experience, and capabilities in a very generalized and broad way. General resumes are not focused on specific roles and don’t define the target, so they are not a requirement these days. You need to make it clear to the recruiter that you are a perfect fit for the job.

Your resume should clearly define your target and how you are a perfect fit. Here’s why:

  • Resumes are made by inexperienced candidates who are not sure about what they want, and their information is all scattered and unfocused. A recruiter is never interested in such applications.
  • HR professionals and recruiters are interested in resumes that are focused, highlight job title, aligned to the job criteria, and up to the mark.

Think about it from the recruiters’ point of view. If the role you are applying for is not mentioned in your review, how would the recruiter know whether you are the right candidate for the job? Incomplete resumes are not forwarded to the Hiring Managers, and if they aren’t able to receive your application, you won’t get shortlisted for the interview. HR professionals are never interested in receiving resumes that are not up to the market. There just isn’t enough time to read between the lines.

If you won’t be clear about the position you want to apply for or if you are considering applying for two different job positions, you need to make it very clear. Otherwise, the recruiter won’t be able to determine it. Career Consulted Co. is here to assist if you are looking for a career consulting firm for displaying your best-self. We offer mentorship programs available for entry-level individuals that can help you in finding (and getting) the right job.

3. Your Resume Doesn't Have a Plan

A resume with no plan doesn’t define your skills and experience for the job and doesn’t have a clear target. The target and plan in your resume are very important as it makes everything clear for the recruiter. It won’t be helpful if you have a plan but your resume doesn’t. You will need to have both if you want the recruiter to seriously consider you.

How can you make your resume perfect? Research can help! Most job openings mention the company and the skills or qualifications they are looking for in the candidate. If you are interested in getting help with making a plan for your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile please reach out to us today. Remember – if you are applying for a certain job, you don’t need to have everything mentioned in the job description. If you are meeting the basic criteria, you are good to go with an opportunity to land the role.

Steps For Creating a Perfect Resume Plan

  • 1st Step: Read the job description in detail and identify the key points which are needed for the job.
  • 2nd Step: Make notes about those key points like the experience, skills, education, and abilities that are crucial for the job.
  • 3rd Step: Compare the key points to your current resume; identify and edit to suit.

ATS software also works here as they look for the key points in your resume. Following the right pattern and key points would make sure that your resume gets noticed.